Essay on Rainy Season | Rainy Season Essay in English

Essay on Rainy Season | Rainy Season essay in English

Rainy season is enjoyed by everyone who loves nature. Here we have written an essay on rainy season which is very important for all students and children. As rainy season is going on presently, essay on rainy season is very important essay topic for all exams. Lets see this essay on rainy season.

Essay on Rainy Season | Rainy Season Essay in English

Essay on Rainy Season

Rainy season is much awaited season for all monsoon lovers which gives relaxation to our mind as well as heart. People love it when droplets pour down to earth which eradicate heat from the atmosphere and makes the surroundings happy and pleasant. The colourful rainbow which appears in the sky after rainfall fascinate all the living creature on earth. The dried earth become wet and new plats grow up which makes the environment more greener.

What is a rainy season?

Rainy season is the time of a calendar year when a country gets the majority of annual rainfall. In India rainy season starts from mid of June and last till September and in USA, monsoon season starts from July and ends till September. Seasons are generally defined by temperature and rainfall. Temperature during summer season remains high wherein temperature during winter season remains very low. During rainy season temperature remains moderate and rainfalls occur and make the environment pleasant.

 Advantages of rainy season

During rainy season the soil which is burning due to high temperature become cooler and environment become pleasant. Rain is very important for growth of plants. During rainy season many new plants grow up automatically and earth become green everywhere. It is also very helpful for farming. Crops like rice, sugarcane, cotton, tea etc. could not produce enough without proper rainfall. Rainy season is bane for all these crops which is consumed by most of the people in the world. It gives relief to people from hot summer by making environment cool.

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Rainy season also increases the water content of the earth. In most part of the country, water level has already dropped, rainwater helps in improving the same. During rainy season river and ponds become full which helps the animal that lives in water. Many fruits like pomegranates, litchi, pear, jamun etc. are also flourish during rainy season which is very rich in protean and fiber.

Disadvantages of rainy season

Like everything, excess rainfall has also bad effect on health, crops, shelter,  environment, ecology, etc. Every year due to heavy rainfall, natural disaster like floods, landslides etc. occurs. Flood destroys thousands of acre crops every year which affects livelihood of farmers basically small and marginal one. During the rainy season, in some parts of the county, villages sink under the water and people become forced to live anywhere else on some height places to save their live. Occurrences of landslides also increases during rainy season which make the life of hilly areas very troublesome. During rainy season water is stored in many places which cause many diseases such as dengu, cholera, malaria, etc.

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Every season has its own importance, rainy season plays an important role in balancing the temperature of environment. It helps in reducing pollution and global warming by pouring down the dust and smoke from environment. By helping the plants in growth, rainy season make our earth pleasant place to live in happily.

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