Essay on Boycott Trend of Bollywood | Essay on Boycott Bollywood

Essay on Boycott Trend of Bollywood

“Oh my God! My favourite actor’s movie is releasing this weekend. Let’s book the ticket before they are sold out.”  Nostalgic. Right?

Sometime back, bollywood had a significant impact on the public. Be it a romance or an action movie, tickets were sold out in a flash. Bollywood had a large following across the globe, they still do, but the proportion has decreased substantially. From packed house to shockingly reduced screenings, let’s dive into the journey of Fame to Obscurity.

Why Boycott Bollywood Trending?

Gone are the times when people watched everything the bollywood offered them to watch on the big screen. As time tickled by, few discussions started. From the objectification of women, vilification and ridiculing Hinduism to lack of good script and dependence on poor remakes, bollywood began to falter. One of the reasons also includes rude behaviour of the actors and actresses which involves Kareena Kapoor’s statement bluntly telling the public to not watch their movies if they don’t like it. Nobody’s forcing them. I suppose the public took her words to heart because her most recent film i.e. Lal Singh Chaddha, starring Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor fell flat on the box office. 

#boycottbollywood is trending on twitter every other day. Throughout the same boycott trend, Tollywood has grown in popularity, owing to their excellent script, songs and respect for Religions. Even the actors have never disrespected any religion and its beliefs. While the South is rising, the Hindi industry is witnessing a downfall for the first time in history.

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Social media has played a vital role in the said trend. As the popularity of social media increased it made everything available to everyone. From old posts to new ones, people keep a check on what the celebrities say and do. This resulted in resurfacing of the old posts of various actors and actresses mocking Religions, sparking a controversy of unfounded hate of bollywood for the religion.

Essay on Boycott Trend of Bollywood, #boycottbollywood

Should Bollywood be Boycotted?

As many are supporting the trend, others are calling it unnecessary and calls for appreciation of good films. The questions that arise here are, are the films boycotted because of a good storyline or the lack of it? Are actors and directors taking the feedback for the betterment or for granted? Do they consider the objectification of women inappropriate or exotic and tempting? These questions require deep analysation for improving the quality of the content and lifting the ban public has put on the industry.

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What people want from Cinema Industry?

Today, the audience wish to see talented actors, musicians and directors being given equal opportunities as others. They do not want to watch a stereotypical romance movie where the male is always the saviour and in lead role or where a man of particular religion is a villain. What they crave for is a movie which avoids the clich├ęs and generalization and is instead based on critical thinking and imagination. Where a female can also be the protagonist and a saviour. A movie which does not hurt religious sentiments of a particular group.

While the boycott goes on, the Hindi Film Industry needs to reframe its principles and reconnect with the ground. For this is the only chance of revival.

Can a good movie help the bollywood regain its position back? What do you guys think?

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