Essay on Democracy: Meaning, Definition and Types of Democracy

Essay on Democracy

The word Democracy brings a lot of thoughts and opinions in our minds. It is a word and an ideology that spark debates and discussions across the globe. Democracy is the power of the people, a type of power which decides their and the country’s future. While many are exercising and enjoying this power, some are still struggling for it. Let’s dive into the realm of Democracy and all it provides.

Essay on Democracy: Meaning, Definition and Types of Democracy

Democracy Definition

The famous quote says, Democracy is “government of, by and for the people”. Democracy is a type of government where the supreme power is vested in the people and where people participate directly or indirectly in running the country by electing the suitable representatives through free elections. This ensures the involvement of the common people having a say in public affairs. However, there is no particular definition of democracy. There are and can be many definitions of the term. The term democracy does not limit to only its definition but has different types and pillars. There are three pillars of democracy which are as under: 

  • Legislature – Makes the Law. 
  • Executive – Executes the Law. 
  • Judiciary – Checks if the law has been broken or the law has been implemented properly.

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Types of Democracy

A democratic form of government can also be categorized into some sub-categories due to its some peculiar structure, features and values. The types of democracies are as under:

  • Direct democracy
  • Representative democracy
  • Constitutional democracy
  • Monitory democracy

Direct Democracy 

Direct democracy was practiced in Ancient Athens where all the eligible male citizens were required to vote on all issues. This types of democracy is also known as pure democracy. It is a form of democracy in which basically the electorate decides on policy initiatives. Today, direct democracy is only practiced in the Swiss Cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Glarus.

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Representative Democracy 

In this form of government, the citizens elect the representative of their choice through voting. These elected representative are to represent the ideas and concerns of the citizens. United States is the best example for Representative democracy. It is also known as Indirect democracy as unlike direct democracy, citizens do not vote for every law or bill instead the elected representatives take the decisions on behalf of them.

Constitutional Democracy 

In constitutional democracy, the powers of the majority are exercised within a framework of the constitution. The constitution states how people are to be ruled and governed. Some examples of constitutional democracy are: US, The French Republic, The Weimar Republic and England.

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Monitory Democracy 

John Keane, in his book Life and Death of Democracy, coined the term  Monitory democracy. He suggests that a new form of government is evolving where the government is persistently monitored on its exercise of power by the citizens through surveys, online petitions, polling etc.


While there are several forms and definitions of democracy, the aim of democracy is to provide freedom and equal rights to the citizens. It strives to establish religious, political and social freedom of all groups and communities. Perhaps the reason why so many countries fought for it. Today, democracy is the best option to ensure human rights and peace across nations and globe. The debates and arguments against it would still exist, but isn't that what democracy is all about?

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