Essay on Gender Discrimination: Meaning, Causes and Examples of Gender Discrimination

Essay on Gender Discrimination 

Since the beginning of the civilization, it is a fact that weaker section of society has always been exploited and discriminated. Gender based discrimination has also been prevailed since then. The prey of gender discrimination are not only females but males also. It is a civil rights violation where discrimination are done on the basis of gender where opposite gender people are treated unequally. 

Gender discrimination meaning

Gender discrimination is a type of discrimination where people are treated unequally due to their sex, the biological factor of being female or male. Generally weaker section of gender is discriminated mostly. This is not because that they are actually weaker but due to their living environment most of them thinks that other gender has privilege to treat them unequally. There are many reason for this but the most important is lac of knowledge and education.

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Causes of gender discrimination

As already stated that victims of discrimination are generally weaker section of society. If they are weaker in any of these like education, knowledge, prosperity, health, etc. they may face unequal treatment. However, education is one of these which helped a lot in minimizing all types of discrimination including gender discrimination.

Illiteracy and lack of education

Generally uneducated and illiterate people do not know their basic rights, so they are treated unequally. Since old age, it is believed that females are made by God to take care of home and family member in house and all outdoor works are to be done by males. So males become more social in comparison to females. Also they get more knowledge and education as they met people from other family, state, country. But the condition of female declined. They become dependent on males and so weaker gender. Therefore, victims of gender discrimination are more females than male.

Some of these females and other samaritans fought for equal rights for male and female and opposed gender discrimination. They motivated females and encouraged them and as a result, the status of females are improving some how.

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Wealth and Prosperity

Since the early age males has been working outside home and females are engaged in household work and so most of the money are earned by males. Again wealth and money is not everything but it is required to live in society respectfully. As females earn less money in comparison to males they are discriminated and exploited. However, at present ladies are doing great work in every field and earning much more than males.

Essay on Gender Discrimination: Meaning, Causes and Examples of Gender Discrimination

Health and other issues

Generally males are engaged in physical works more in comparison to women and so an average generally men are more stronger and healthier than women. So many times females are thought not fit for such work which requires more physical strength which is just gender discrimination.

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Examples of gender discrimination

Sexual harassments: At many workplaces, sexual harassments of weaker gender has been common. Rights of equality and right against exploitation are violated and gender discrimination remain unchanged.

Being forbidden to drive: Generally it is believed that females can not drive perfectly and so they are forbidden to drive by no other one but their family members and closed ones. This is because they are prejudice that female can't drive perfectly. 

Restriction on Clothing: Men are wearing clothing as per their choice but when a female wear a shorts it is thought that the female has loose character which common example of gender discrimination which can be seen in most of the  society.

Restriction on traveling: Assuming weaker gender, generally female are restricted to not to go out alone on tour or not to out during night as other person (opposite gender) may harm you.

Honour Killing: Many human lives have become victim of honour killing. This is the result of prevailing gender discrimination.

Female infanticide: The mindset of people is that they need at least one son. In want of one son many times they give birth to more than one girl. The situation has become more worse and people first check the gender of fetous and if it girl they abort it. This prevalent infanticide is due to gender discrimination.

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Gender discrimination: Conclusion

Although gender discrimination is prevailed since many years ago, education has played very important role in minimizing gender discrimination. We all should promote equality and annihilate gender discrimination from the society. This will make this planet a beautiful place where all gender people will live happily together without any discrimination

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