Essay on War and its effects

Essay on War and its Effect

War, which is a state of fighting between two or more countries, groups etc., results in loss of many lives, economic crisis, damage to natural environment, etc. The impact of war is not only limited to fighting countries but it can also be seen in entire world. For example; impact of recent war between Russia and Ukraine can be seen in most of the countries which triggered inflation.

What is war?

In technical terms or the definitions we have read in books and news, War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias.

But it’s dreadful, gut-wrenching and scarring for the innocent victims of war and it’s after effects. For the soldiers, it’s all about being bull-headed, unfaltering and ready to give up their lives for the country. The parts that are hidden and are likely talked less about are Post traumatic stress disorder, longing for the loved ones and sometimes lifelong injuries.

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However, everyone experiences war differently. While each one suffers tremendously, women and children face catastrophic amount of violence. According to UNICEF ''Around the world, attacks on children continue unabated. The number of countries in world experiencing violent conflict is the highest it has been in the last 30 years. The result is that more than 30 million children have been so far displaced by conflict.”

The United Nations and International Aid Agencies say that women are among the worst victims of war. Tens of thousands suffer from sexual violence, rape and access to life-saving health care. Most of which was recently seen during the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Meanwhile, there are various effects of war which are sometimes either long- term or short-term. Let us discuss the Effects of War in detail:

Effects of War:

War impacts severely on the social and economic fabric of a nation. It includes harm to psychology of children and adults while causing destruction to the human capital. Loss of infrastructure and downfall of economy are major long- term effects which leaves a nation in acute depression.


The cost of war is expensive. It brings inflation, rise in debts and causes disruption in the smooth functioning of the economy. The most recent example is the Russia-Ukraine war which shook the entire world. The war in Ukraine has caused rise in prices of all products. This clearly indicates inflation and the lack of purchasing power. Meanwhile, Russia has also been facing serious issues in terms of economy. The disruption in supply chains in Russia suggests it will likely lose its status as a major economy.

Essay on War and its effects

Destruction of Infrastructure:

One of the devastating effects of war is loss of property. During a full-fledged war, air bombings and use of missiles leave behind a heap of debris which ones used to be buildings, offices, schools and hospitals. Further it leads to lack of education and health care for the people for an unestimated amount of time.

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“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused $108.3 billion in damage to the country’s infrastructure.” According to a study from Kyiv School of Economics released on the same day Ukraine’s defense ministry estimated the war has left 3.5 million people homeless.

In Syria, the prolonged crisis lead to damage of water, electricity and sanitation systems. Disruption in the social infrastructure and other basic amenities like health care and education have caused distress among the Syrians. However, that’s not the worst of it. Absence of sanitation and health care has lead to many communicable diseases among the people leaving them suffering and helpless.

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Migration during a war is known as Forced migration. Many people flee from their homes, cities and sometimes country as well to save their lives. This results in them taking refuge in other countries which leads to an additional issue i.e. lack of food, water, shelter and sanitation. Today, the highest number of refugees come from Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar. These refugees are forced to lead a miserable life with little to no hope of returning home.

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At the end of war, both sides are severely damaged making it impossible to declare a winner. It leaves behind heaps of debris, lifeless bodies, injured soldiers, scared children completely unaware of the surroundings. Questions that arise at this point are that if any of it was even worth it? Could there be no other way? The answers may vary but the miserable reality remains the same. What would have been the scenario if the conflict had been solved with dialogue and peace would have been the priority of both sides?

At last, war is a choice of ruination which needs to be avoided for a better future. It takes away everything from everyone involved. It pushes the future of the nation into a dark tunnel where escape remains doubtful. The only sane choice is resolving the conflict with peace and mindful negotiations for only the dead have seen the end of war.

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