New Year Celebration Essay | Essay on New Year

New Year Celebration Essay | Essay on New Year

Essay on new year celebration is one of the most important essay topics which is asked in schools and colleges. Students have to write some times short essay and some times long essay on new year celebration. Here we have written essay on new year celebration to help these students so that they can write their new year celebration essay perfectly.

New Year Celebration Essay

New Year is a day which is full of energy, motivation, lot of thoughts and much more. We celebrate and enjoy it very much. New year starts from 1st January as per internationally accepted Gregorian Calendar. But preparation of new year celebration start much before from this date. Generally new year celebration start from Christmas Festival Celebration and continues till 1st January. Many people start celebrating it much before Christmas day and enjoy till mid of January.

New Year Celebration Essay | Essay on New Year

New Year Celebration

However New Year Celebration starts from Christmas Day Celebration, the main celebration start from 31st December and ends on 1st January. People get together on 31st December and celebrate new year in their own ways. Some enjoy music, song and party at home and some enjoy these at outer place. Some people visit other enchanting places to celebrate and start their new year.

Many programmes such as Kavi Sammelan, Sanghosthi, Bhajan, Kirtan etc. are also organized at various place where everyone can go, join and enjoy. People get together forgiving mistakes of each other and promising to live together with love and joy in the coming new year.

New Year Resolution

While welcoming the new year, people make some resolution to make their new year more fruitful, profitable and enjoyable. This is also very important to make people enough energetic, target centric and motivated to achieve what they want from their life during coming year.

Everyone has different new year resolution as per their needs and desire and it should be. But while taking new year resolution, we must go through our past year resolution and should summarize it. Check what resolution you had taken in the past year and what you have achieved. If you have achieved it, what should be your next resolution? If not, what was obstacles? note it and find a solution. Learn from your mistakes and take resolution and decision for better future. Happy New Year!

Hope you liked this New Year Celebration Essay and it helped you in your exam preparation. Wishing you a very very Happy New Year.

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