3 Best AI Essay Writing Tools for Students

Whether it is for topic exploration, essay content expansion, academic assignments or writing assistance, an AI essay writing tool can be an invaluable resource for students. 

3 Best AI Essay Writing Tools for Students

These tools are equipped with AI (NLP and ML) algorithms that enable the tool to understand the nature of the provided title, prepare the layout according to the chosen length and provide the users with a well-structured professional-level essay. 

An Ai essay creator can be a great professional aid in saving massive time for students, eliminating the mental block and getting an unending resource of ideas at no cost and effort. 

In this article, the students will find a detailed elaboration of the 3 best AI easy writing tools, their incredible features and how they can help you in writing high-quality essays. 

1. Aiessaybot.org

Aiessaybot.org is proficient in creating impressive and professional-level essays in a matter of seconds. 

By employing the most advanced NLP and ML algorithms, the tool provides users with well-structured and well-written essays at zero cost and effort. 

By eliminating the research and layout preparation effort, the tool provides professionals as well as novices with high-quality essays.


Options for Choosing the Essay Length 

Depending upon the user’s requirements, the tool allows them to choose the length of the essay and prepares a layout accordingly. You can choose whether to create short, medium or long-form essays. 

Short-form essay: will consist of 400-500 words

Medium-form essay: usually contains up to 700 words

Long-form essay: will have almost 800-900 words 

PS: The number of words in an essay will also vary depending on the type of title provided. 

Plagiarism-free Professional Essays 

Unlike human essay writing, the essays written by an AI essay creator will have consistency, originality and precision, ensuring a level of quality that remains unmatched.

Proficient in Writing Various Essay Types

The tool is proficient in generating professional-level content regardless of the type of essay or title it is. Whether it's an academic, narrative or descriptive essay, the AI essay maker is the best for creating high-quality compositions.

Free and User-Friendly 

Besides its technical specialties of generating a high-quality and well-structured essay, the tool is incomparable in its non-technical features. 

It is totally free for writing unlimited essays, features the most convenient user interface, and will be available to your aid round the clock. 

2. Writeressay.ai

Writeressay.ai is another well-known AI essay maker tool available for free. Its built-in smart NLP and ML algorithms enable the tool to prepare a well-researched and human-like essay in a split second.  

Its ability to collect, arrange, split and sequence the information relevant to the provided essay title is impressive. Not only that, it will add the most relevant references at the end of each essay. 

3 Best AI Essay Writing Tools for Students


Customizable Essay Length 

While writing with this ai essay generator, the user will choose the length of essay they need. You can choose to write short, medium or long-form essays with the same level of professionalism and precision. 

Add References if Required 

The tool also allows the user to add the most relevant references if necessary. The number of references added by the tool depends on the essay's length. 

For instance, in a medium-length essay, the tool will include up to 5 references, whereas in a long-form essay, it may include 7-8.

Proficient in Generating Plagiarism-Free Essays 

The essays generated by the tool will be 100% unique and free of plagiarism. Additionally, there will be no grammar, spelling or other writing errors, therefore requires no editing or proofreading. Depending upon the nature of the provided essay title, the tool will adopt the most suitable language. 

Free, Fast and Easy UI 

The ai essay generator is absolutely free for unlimited essay writing, features the easiest to operate design and guarantees high-quality, original content with each generated essay.

3. selfstudymantra.com 

selfstudymantra.com is a website which is providing high quality essays for academic as well as competitive exams. Here, students can get essays from 100 words to 2500 words based on their needs. 

All the essays on selfstudymantra.com is available for free. You can read these essays just opening the topics which you want to read.

If you wish to download pdf version of the essays available on the selfstudymantra.com, then by paying a small amount you can download pdf essay book. If you wish to download this pdf essay book, you can download it from here.


Coming to the end of the discussion, I would like you to try the above-detailed 03 best AI essay writing tools for plagiarism-free, professional-level and high-quality essays free of cost. 

Aiessaybot.org, Writeressay.ai and selfstudymantra.com are all free, efficient and reliable platforms for students, educators and other professionals. 

They are user-friendly, offer customizable essay length and prepare well-structured essays in a matter of seconds. 

If you want to save your precious time, get a never ending source of ideas and want to overcome a mental block, you must try these amazing essay creator tools.

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