Essay on Holi in English for Students

Essay on Holi in English for Students

Essay on Holi in English: Holi is famous festival celebrated all over India. When date of holi festival comes near, schools and educational institution asked students to write essay on Holi in English then students search for Best Essay on Holi. If you are also came here searching these terms then you are right place. Here we have written an Essay on Holi in English to help the students and children so that they can write best essay on Holi and complete their essay writing work. Let's see Essay on Holi in English.

Essay on Holi in English for Students, Essay on Holi in English, Holi Essay in English

Essay on Holi in English

Holi is one of the most famous festivals celebrated all over India. This festival is celebrated on Purnima Tithi of the Hindi Month of Phalguna which generally comes in the month of March as per Gregorian Calendar. Holi 2023 will be celebrated on 8th March, 2023 which is Punima of Phalguna. Holi is also known as festival of colours as main content of holi celebration is different colours. 

Holi Celebration

Holi celebration start from Holika dahan or burning of demon Holika. People gather near Holika bonfire and perform religious rituals and pray that their internal evil destroyed as the way holika. After Holika Dahan people start celebrating Holi with colours. Celebrating Holi, people apply different colours on one another and sing Fagua Lokgeet (Holi Geet). They make a group and move door to door with band-baja, DJ and song wishing Happy Holi to everyone.

Children enjoy holi festival most. They use pichkari and fill colour mixed water in it and spray colour to everyone. When someone want to scape from colour they enjoy spraying colour on that person most.

Many delicious dishes are prepared on this occasion and we all enjoy it. In the evening after being fresh, people visit their friends and relatives with 'Abir colour'. They apply abir colour on their head and hug them and with them Happy Holi.

Holi festival bring people closer to one another and so it is also know as festival of love. It induces brotherhood in everyone heart and makes everyone happy and lively.

Wish you a very very Happy Holi..!!

Hope you enjoyed this Essay on Holi in English and it helped you in your preparation. You can also share your way of Holi celebration to us by commenting in comment box.

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