Essay on Spring Season for Students and Children

Essay on Spring Season: Spring season is most loved season in all the seasons. It is beginning of summer season and end of winter season. All loves this season due to its pleasant weather. Students enjoy spring season very much. Here we have written an essay on spring season which very helpful for students and children. Lets see essay on spring season.

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Essay on Spring Season

Spring Season in most pleasant season of the year. It is also known as season of love. During this season fresh wind blows which makes environment fresh and soothing. Plants and Trees blossom with new leaves. Everywhere beautiful flowers blossom, colourful butterfly fly here and there, garden fills with natural decoration and these makes human mind soothing, active and creative. 

Duration of spring season

Spring season generally remains for three-months which starts from March and remains till May. Beginning of Spring Season denotes end of winter season and ending of spring season is beginning of summer season. It is transition phase between winter and summer season. During this season most soothing winds blow which is best combination of cold and warmth.

Importance of spring season

Spring season has great importance due to its numerous benefits including health benefits, environmental benefits. During this season people get out from home to take sunshine which is great source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is most essential for smooth functioning of our body system including heart. This season also gives fresh air which is good for our lungs, minds and whole body system. Arrival of spring season fill joy and happiness in everyone hearts. It is season of festival, weddings and celebrations. Festival of colours Holi and harvesting festival like Bihu, Baisakhi, Pongal, etc. are celebrated during spring season. Farmers become happy as long waited crops get ready to be harvested.

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